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Act! Hosting Rates

We’ve combined all three of our previous hosting tiers into one “hybrid” hosting solution

With Acthosting.net you get on-demand access to the #1 best-selling Contact and Customer Manager in a secure Cloud environment, plus additional included benefits like flexible subscriptions, online video training, expert deployment support, automatic upgrades (with Act! Subscription), and nightly backups and maintenance for a worry-free experience.

We’ll handle the technical steps, so you can jump right into rich contact, calendar, and opportunity details from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and build upon the relationships that keep your business thriving. To provide the best value and flexibility, Acthosting.net offers three flat rate service tiers to suit any business need.

The three tiers of our ACT! Hosting Services, now rolled into one

ACT! Web Hosting ACT! Sync Hosting ACT! Hybrid Hosting
Your master ACT! database sits on our dedicated ACT! web server within our secure office location. Multiple users can access the database simultaneously in real time from any PC in the world with Internet access.
– Best security for business owners who do not want to relinquish control & possession of the database to employees
– All ACT! databases are secured with SSL certification
– No local software to install
– Fastest user setup and termination.
– ACT! for Web now features Word, Outlook, & Excel integration, so all your Windows and Web users can share the same templates.

Your master ACT! database sits on our dedicated ACT! web server within our secure office location.Users do not access it directly, other than to sync with their locally installed “remote” database. Ideal for businesses without the high-end network infrastructure, but nevertheless need centralized data access for their remote users.

– All users have fast offline data access
– ability to use third party add-ons, and sync to PDA’s
– Edit screen layouts and import data
– More robust MS Word & Excel integration

The best of both!
This is a combination of Web Hosting ACT! users & Sync Hosting users. This is common where there is a mix of Windows & Web users within a business environment.
– Secure, flexible, and worldwide access to data
– Over 80% of our subscribers select this “no compromise”  tier for their ACT hosting needs.
1-2 users = $25 (per user)
3-9 users = $75 (flat rate)
10-19 users = $125 (flat rate)
20-29 = $200 (flat rate)
30-39 users = $300  (flat rate)
40-49 users = $400  (flat rate)
50+ = $10 (per user)
Add $100 one-time setup fee
Not ready to make a one-year commitment? 
Customers at the end of their hosting term that wish to renew for less than a year can renew three months at a time at the next billing rate above their current one. For instance, a 1-9 user of our hybrid service can renew for three months at the 10-20 user rate of $125 per month.
Need an additional database hosted?
No problem. Each additional hosted database under the same account will enjoy a 30% discount on their hosting fees for that hosting tier. In other words, if you have a 10-user database paying $125 monthly, and a second database with only 5 users, you will get 30% off the $75/month rate.
* The database with the most users will always be treated as the primary account, and the subscription fee for the additional database(s) will be discounted accordingly.